Life Counter for MTG – Iteration 2


Working on the life counter again. I tried printing a smaller one with larger gaps but it still wouldn’t move. For the next go around, I reworked how the counter operated. The goal was to make the counter assemble-able instead of a one shot print. I split the base in two and made the discs sit on a star-shaped rod.

DSCN7078This worked wonderfully! the counter actually is functional now. However the base is a little flimsy, which will be fixed with a thicker bottom. Overall, this iteration turned out pretty good. I am hoping to make a variation of the counter for another card game that would need four place holders, which may pose a challenge.


RhinoVault to 3D printing


RhinoVault is a plug in for Rhinoceros that allows for creation of vault structures that work in compression. We have been working with Rhinovault in my building shop class to learn about modern compression structures. For the final assignment we were to 3D print a vault we had designed with RhinoVault.


In Rhino

redner makerware 4

Makerware’s rendering

Rhinovault ->