Box For LCD Board – First Iteration

Made a box for the control board for my extra screen re-purposed from an old laptop. Despite having a detailed technical drawing of the main board, some adjustments will have to made, such as a larger hole for the power port and a place for the external buttons.


Running Rabbit – Finished

Finished the large rabbit decor by adding layered acrylic sheets to complete the logo. I had to break the acrylic in a few places because of some uneven shrinking on both materials part, but it’s barely viable. I can’t wait to see it on the wall!


Screen Project – Process

Process steps for Resin/String Screen Project

  1. Stenciled pattern onto plastic covered board.
  2. Screwed nails into board and added some oil to plastic to prevent resin from sticking.
  3. Ran cotton string through resin and wrapped around the screws.
  4. Waited for resin to cure.
  5. Removed screws

First Fabric Infused Project

One of the problems with modeling vaults, especially with 3D printing, is the many small pieces either don’t print right or get mistaken for other pieces. A new idea is to use fabric infused with the printing process to keep all the pieces intact and grouped together. This  may help the modeling a much smother experience and allow for demonstration by quick disassembly and reassembly.