Resin Jackrabbit

Few months back I sent a smaller printed Jackrabbit to a friend who made a silicone mold from the object. After acquiring some new resin, I tried a cast with the new resin. The mold picked up everything from the surface of the 3D printed object, hence the ridges and the bubbles are from a lack of tamping when casting.

The new resin I found has worked well, and can be found outside of craft stores. The Famowood Gloss Oil-Based Polyurethane, which is intended for finishing flooring and tables. However, it’s the same components and works with resin dyes meant for craft polyurethane.


Happy Casting!

Photo from when large wildfires struck Canada this June and the smoke clouds reached Midwest USA creating a few days of orange light.

Silicone + Resin

Learned how to make simple silicone molds recently and tried casting resin in the molds. First batch the molds worked great but the resin I have must have expired, hence the discoloration and syrup texture.