Running Rabbit Decor

Been working a large wall decor of my college’s logo, a running jackrabbit. (GO SDSU!!). The end result will be a 2.5ft by 1.5 ft, 2in thick wall decor. This will be 3D printed using the makerbots. The makerbots only have a build area of 6in x 11in, therefore the piece has been split into 8 different parts. As for attaching them together, I have used dove tail joints hidden underneath. The joints where built with a .2mm gap, which accounted for the plastic shrinking when cooling. The joints worked great, we cant get the rabbit apart! Will have pictures of the printed rabbit soon!

rabbit render better_unsplit

uncut decor

cut lines

where the rabbit was cut

close up

Close up!

detail of joints

Joint details


3 thoughts on “Running Rabbit Decor

  1. Would you care to share the STL file (or other 3d format)? As an alumnus of SDSU and owner of a 3D printer, I would like to make this as well.


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